IssykKulWe invite you to spend your holidays at Issyk-Kul!

Sun, mountain air and a lot of offers will make your stay not only interesting, but helpful!

Sunny Issyk-Kul!

Hotel Food Check out,,ru,shuttle bus Almaty,,ru,Offers free ticketing towards Tamchi with the cities of Almaty,,ru,Departure will be,,ru,times a week since,,ru Almaty
from 3 nights
"Blue Issyk Kul" sanatorium (Issyk-Kul) FB from 48 000 KZT
"Columbus' Pension (Issyk-Kul) FB from 51 000 KZT
"Ak Maral» Hotel (Issyk-Kul) FB from 59 000KZT
«Good Lake» Holiday Centre (Issyk-Kul) FB from 63 000 KZT
"Sinegorye" Hotel (Issyk-Kul) FB from 67 000 KZT
"Aurora plus" Holiday Centre (Issyk-Kul) FB from 72 000 KZT
Akun Hotel (Issyk-Kul) FB from 72 000 KZT
Ak-Bermet Hotel (Issyk-Kul) FB from 74 000 KZT
"Solemar" Hotel (Issyk-Kul) FB from 82 000 KZT
"Rainbow" Hotel (Issyk-Kul) FB from 83 000 KZT
"Caprice" Recreation Centre (Issyk-Kul) BB from 97 000 KZT
Karven 4 season "Recreation Centre (Issyk-Kul) BB from 98 000 KZT

Contact us and we will provide all the necessary information!

* the price is per person with 2 local accommodation

The price not included: insurance policy

The price included: трансфер на автобусе Алматы – Issyk-Kul – Almaty, placing the selected category, meals according to the program.

Открывается свободная продажа авиабилетов по направлению Тамчи с городов Алматы.

Вылет будет осуществляться 2 раза в неделю начиная с 07.07.2017 in Tamchy airport on Fridays and Mondays,,ru,according to schedule below,,ru,Friday,,ru,IQ5010 ALA,,en,IKU,,ja,IQ5020 IKU,,ja,ALA,,en,Monday,,ru,Open free sale of tickets,,ru,ALA-IKU-ALA,,ja,ALA-IKU OW,,ar,IKU-ALA OW,,ar, согласно рассписанию ниже (local time):


IQ5010 ALA 09:30 – 10:20 IKU

IQ5020 IKU 11:20 – 12:10 ALA


IQ5010 ALA 09:00 – 09:50 IKU

IQ5020 IKU 10:40 – 11:30 ALA

Открыта свободная продажа авиабилетов!


ALA-IKU-ALA (3, 4 nights) 55000 KZT – 170 USD
ALA-IKU-ALA (7, 10 nights) 58800 KZT – 180 USD
ALA-IKU-ALA (11, 14 nights) 62000 KZT – 190 USD
32700 KZT – 100 USD
IKU-ALA OW 37600 KZT – 115 USD

Rules of border crossing here.