Event and motivational tourism / EVENT

insentive_6641The most important business decisions, как правило, involve preliminary discussions with colleagues and business partners. Such discussions are, both the protocol meetings, and informal meetings in the form of a cocktail party, ужина или банкета. Often, at this or that decision affects environment, впечатление, которые производят стороны друг на друга, therefore, a high level of quality and comfort during these meetings are very important. Turning to us, Вы обращаетесь к профессионалам, обладающим всеми ресурсами и опытом для подготовки встречи на самом высоком уровне.

insentive_6643INCENTIVES –
literal translation - "motivation, incentives ". Следовательно, this word refers to rewards, incentive trips for employees, партнеров или клиентов, как правило, to rest. Such trips are often the reward for the employees for professional achievements, as well as the focus on team building. Увлекательные путешествия на зарубежные курорты снимают стресс, способствуют зарождению доверия, дружеской атмосферы в коллективе.

Beautiful scenery and informal atmosphere allows people to see each other in a natural setting, talk on suspension from work topics, проникнуться друг к другу, что непременно, lead to better understanding and coordination of teamwork. Практика показывает, that we organize incentive trips encourage staff to our customers be more active and creative approach. Нередко такие поездки включают элементы облегченной деловой программы, например: презентацию новых продуктов, team building and other types of training.

insentive_6640Evyent (Event, event) in marketing – special event, event marketing – fairly well-known tool to manipulate opinion and behavior of specially invited to the event (Event, evyent) audience. Often, game events specially organized by marketers,ru, to maximize contribute to the expansion of business and professional contacts, exchange of experience and new technologies, ideas.

Another important function event'ov (Eventov) It is to establish intra-PR. Now, many marketing and a lot of talk about the corporate culture, but in the description of this concept is not all reach the formulation of value acculturation Communications: the values ​​of respect and psychologically comfortable communicating in a team and with customers. As a number of Eventov initially appears internal PR tool, the promotion of these values ​​can easily become a special event - game events.

We also provide:

– assistance in renting any equipment and inventory;
– professional services in all areas of your interest (Trainers, Trainers, psychologists, etc.);
– Development of programs, routes, scenarios, taking into account the interests and budget.

For sports teams we will find good places for camps and training!